ACMA Announces New, Innovative Advanced Care Transitions Simulation Event

Transitions of Care, ACMA will kick off the 2016 National Conference with the first national Care Transitions simulation course to showcase how acute care and home based transition assessments and plans are successfully executed -
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Registration is now available. With more than 60 sessions to choose from and up to 31.2 hours of continuing education, this is a one-of-a-kind event that you will not want to miss. Why wait? Click here to register now.


You are considering attending the 2016 National Conference in Tampa, but need help justifying the time and cost to your employer. We can help you present the benefits of this conference. CLICK HERE to download ACMA’s National Conference Justification Toolkit. It includes information and data to make your case to your supervisor or administrator.

Hear from 2015 keynote speaker, Dr. Don Berwick, ACMA leadership, conference attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and more on what makes the ACMA National Conference so special and why this is a can't-miss event for case management and transitions of care professionals.